Fife Dog Watch

Who would you trust with your best friend?

In April 2019 Fife council launched the Dog Watch scheme. As the number of Dog walking companies in the Dunfermline area has increased,  companies and dog walkers are aware of the different standards of care being offered. 

Dog watch Fife helps owners find reputable dog walking company they know they can trust.

Rovers Rambles are proud to be part of this scheme and adhere tightly to the regulations to give dog owners complete peace of mind that their dog will be safe and cared for.

The scheme is based on best practice, and our clients can be sure as a registered dog walker we meet the correct standards in the way we transport dogs, walk them and look after them. 

Fife Council Approved Dog Walker in Dunfermline Criteria

Dog Transportation

Dog Transportation

All our dogs are transported in accordance with the Animal welfare act 2006 in large cages. The Rover's rambles van is also fully air conditioned and passed the council inspection with flying colours for transport in the Dunfermline and surrounding areas.

Dog Tagging

Dog Tagging

All dogs under our care are individually tagged with our Rover's Rambles company identification tags.

First Aid Kits

First Aid Carried

An Emergency Dog first aid kit is carried with the dog walker at all times should any injury occur.

Number Of Dogs

Only four dogs walked

Dog walkers have no more than four dogs during one of our group walks in the Dunfermline and surrounding areas to ensure safety and quality of your dogs exercise. 


Fully Insured

Dog walkers must be insured. Rover's Rambles hold valid insurance and details of this can be shown on request.

Control of Dogs

Control of Dogs

Rovers Rambles proved we can exhibit the correct approach to the control of dogs under our care at all times to ensure safety both of the dogs and members of the public whilst dog walking in the Dunfermline area.